New 8.2 version - lync meetings instead ms teams

Hello everyone,
I just started testing new version of eM Client - especially long awaited on-line meetings feature. Zoom works perfect but I cannot create online meeting with my MS Teams account. Instead of “” links to meeting my calendar create “” which of course require Skype Meetings. What I am doing wrong?


You are right. I was about to write a similar post. In my case, MS Teams meetings links refer to Skype (same thing as Lync) and not to Teams.

Same here.

I have a free Microsoft Account that i use for Teams. Our Company has no Office/Microsoft-Subscription and we just use the free ones.

Could that be the fault?

same issue here.

On my side, I experienced it with a Microsoft “work” account for teams.
Feel free to contact me in case you’d like more specific details.

Many thanks for working on this!
I love the new (v8.2) feature that integrates Zoom/Teams/Meet.
Kind regards to the whole team.

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If you would like to supply some logs, that would be useful.

  1. Remove the Teams/Skype account from eM Client.

  2. Go to Menu > Settings > Advanced > Logging and Clear Logs.

  3. Select logging for Online Meeting by ticking so there is a blue box with a tick…

  4. Restart eM Client.

  5. Setup the Teams account in eM Client and create a new Teams event in your calendar.

  6. Go to Menu > Settings > Advanced and choose Send Logs. Send them to

Hello Gary,

i just send you the logs.


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Hi Gary,

any update on this? It seems not to be fixed in todays bugfix release.

Kind Regards

This depends on what type of Microsoft account you have.

If you have a Microsoft business account, the Microsoft server will create a Teams event. If you have a personal account, it will create a Skype event.

Hi, I am having the same problem and use a business account, not a personal one. how can I fix it?

This is determined by the Microsoft server, not eM Client.

Probably an idea to contact Microsoft and tell them they are assigning you a personal meeting on your business profile.

Damn you Microsoft…

Would be such a great feature but I have only a personal Microsoft account and I think you can not get a business one without purchasing some Office/Microsoft 365 stuff, right?