.net version?

How do I find out what version of .net eMclient is using on my PC. Please bear in mind that you can have many versions ‘installed’ and eMclient could have been installed some time ago.

Hi David, eM Client doesn’t really use just one version of .NET framework installed on your computer. eM Client is using the .NET framework, which receives updated components in form of an update. eM Client is compatible with both .NET 2,3,4 most likely running in their latest releases.

Currently the most recent version of .NET is 4.5.2, however some features, for example the Send to Recipient, require you to activate some older .NET 2/3 components on an Operating system that doesn’t include older installations of .NET, e.g. windows 8 and latter.

OK, got that thanks. I noted that you said that EM uses .Net 4.5.2 in another post… Now if I had Windows (X) without 4.5.2, but With 1,2,3 & installed eMclient and it worked. Over time eMclient gets updates. Later on I install (WU) 4.5.2, does eMclient ever check and change its usage?

.NET is updated through system updates, it is always best to keep your system up to date, to keep the .NET framework up to date. By default we’re using the .NET 4

I know that Paul and if you read my previous post you will see “Later on I install (WU) 4.5.2”. My issue is that whilst I have .net 4.5.2 ‘installed’ there are no registry entries for it. My only assumption is that it has not been used?