Nested labels - new messages count

I use filters to move new mails to labels / folders in Gmail and have them skip the inbox. Some of the labels / folders are nested. To keep them expanded at all times would make no sense - why would I nest them in the first place then? But still I need to see if there are unread messages in one of the sub-folders.

Most programs would show the number of unread messages from all subfolders next to the collapsed top-folder. That way I could easily see if I need to check the contents. It is hardly practical to have to manually expand the subfolders to see if there are new messages in there. I can think of no reason whatsoever why one would want to not have that shown :wink: That’s why I consider it a bug rather than a missing feature.

(Using the newest 7 RC)

Now it gets even stranger: I can set a folder to “only show when unread” - but only a folder on the top of the hierarchy. I thought: well, at least that would be a way to move folders with unread to the top so I can easily find the one with an unread message. But: the folder ist not shown when a subfolder is unread! I would set the subfolder to “show when unread” but that is not possible. Thus working with subfolders in eMclient is basically impossible. All I can do is change all folders to main folders and change all filters accordingly on the gmail-server. All of this because of the lack of a very simple function that has been asked for by many for a long time as it seems. Hmm… Please help and fix this!

The unread counter is, let’s say it politely, most of the time unusable, sorry, but this has been requested many times but was not delivered by the EMC.