Need to restore from a backup with a different account without overwriting the current account

I WAS liking eM…but after this, I’m really irritated…

I set up an account a few months ago.  Then imported PST file from Outlook; I could only get those to be “local” folders.  No issue.  Then, I needed to change email accounts.  When I deleted the previous account, it killed ALL those local files also…though it never overtly associated them with the account.  That’s…infuriating.  But I did have an old (10 weeks ago) eM backup.  Great!  But I can’t seem to restore from that, and set up the new account without it wiping over those. 

HOW does one blend a previous backup into a new email account???


You can export the mails you want to preserve as .eml files in File>Export and after restoring, importing them in eM Client. This will keep both intact.
Hope that help.


OK, thanks!