Need to restore a previous version of email

Look… I am at my wits end. No I don’t need the community support site. I need someone who knows what they’re doing.I had to purchase a new computer. Went to my regular computer guy who did a beautiful job of importing ALL of my information/programs/ apps/etc into my new computer.
I have a road runner email account Everything was set up perfectly including all my old folders and emails. I was then set up with an eM Client account.
Worked great for two weeks. Thursday night no new emails would come through. Today all the years of emails and all my folders are gone.
I need someone to find them and restore them. I am livid. In all the years I had other email servers NEVER have I been so frustrated.
Something must be done!

If you need support from eM Client, please purchase a Pro License, and the open a support ticket with them.

Otherwise this is a forum supported by other users, not eM Client staff.