Need to Replace the "Fix Logic" Following Abnormal Termination

There seems to be a good bit of time wasted trying to recreate the email database following an abnormal termination when the system restarts. A time when the system already has a lot of stress loading programs and their associated data gets bogged down even more.

This is probably a bigger issue for power users, like myself, where emails are a transactional history and not just a picture of grandchildren, not that they’re not important. Time is a function of size!

I think we need a better alternative as to how the data is recovered which could be restoring a backup or just letting it reload from the MAPI account which is way faster than what is happening now which seems to be a painstaking step by step walk through of each record or email to create a complete rebuild of data and pointers.

There is a caveat to redownloading and that would be if your keeping data locally that’s not being stored online it must be accounted for.

So if you find this “resurrection” as annoying as I do spout off below.

martes 25 abril 2023 :: 1106hrs (UTC +0100)

I agree this could be an issue if you are a ‘Power User’ whatever that means.
I assume from what you say, maybe I am wrong, that you auto start eMC on boot, where yes, there can be issues, not only with eMC, all dependant upon the capability of your system and whatever else is happening at the same time.
The solution, do not start eMC on system boot.
I never do because I use the parameter “/dblocation PATH” (to select a particular database as I have 4) - does that make me a ‘Power User’?
Even so I can not remember when I last had an abnormal termination to comment on time taken to verify the database; I only ever Exit eMC, to change database and once per week for system maintenance unless I need a system update reboot.

End of resurrection spout.

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