Need to re-activate on every reboot

I have a paid pro license for version 8. Every time I reboot I have to re-enter the activation key, extremely annoying. I have submitted a ticket and was answered by Adam Kovar, after his first two attempts failed I am now just being ignored. I started reporting this back in December. Buyer beware if you have a problem they can’t fix easily they just ignore you, despite your paid status.

Guess what still need to re-enter key on every reboot and still no fix although I was falsely accused of using the license twice.

As you have opened a support ticket, please deal with the issue through the ticket. eM Client Support do not usually reply on this forum.

If the license has been activated on one computer, then you activate it on another computer, it may be deactivated on one of them automatically. When you contact eM Client Support, ask them to give you a new activation key as someone may have your key.

You can also check in the License Manager the date and IP address of where the license was activated.

I have been trying to use the support ticket, as I said being ignored. It has only ever been installed on one computer.

When did you purchase your Pro License?

August 1, 2020 for the current version 8.

OK, so you are still entitled to VIP Support. Go back to the ticket and increase the priority and maybe they will respond. Otherwise this is a user supported forum, so there is not much us fellow users can do for you. If I could, I would reset it for you, but I don’t work for the company.

eM Client staff do monitor this forum, so hopefully they will see this thread and contact you.

Followup, I have been dealing with this for months, still getting the run around and no resolution. I have asked for a refund as I am not getting support, that is also ignored.

Here’s an option… eM Client contact information if support tickets are not working for you.

Thanks but I have been doing that since December.

With no response from sales and writing to them via snail mail?
There must be something else going on here… but this is the extent of what I can do to help.


Please contact me directly at with more details (ticket number or the email address you sent the ticket from) so we can investigate this further. Thank you.