Need to know Encryption Protocol

I need to know if my version has TLS 1.0, TLS 1.1, or something different.

I received a message from the company that provides my webmail service stating the encryption protocol is outdated:

We are contacting you because one or more of your devices or programs uses the TLS 1.0 and/or TLS 1.1 encryption protocols to connect to our email servers, or is using an unencrypted connection. This involves either access via SMTP (sending emails) or retrieval via POP3/IMAP (receiving emails).

Unfortunately, the TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 encryption protocols are outdated and no longer meet current security standards. To protect your email communications, soon we will no longer allow access to our servers with these outdated protocols. Unencrypted access will also no longer be possible.

Please advise where I can find the answer to this encryption protocol question ASAP.

My ISP sent a similar message a while back…

Here is what I changed to satisfy their requirements.

In Settings > Accounts:

Port =995
Security Policy=Use SSL/TLS on special Port (legacy)

Security Policy=Force usage of SSL/TLS

Thanks for the suggestion. Other than seeing if I am still able to use my email after their ultimatum date, any idea if there is a way to know for sure that this has resolved the issue?

It worked perfectly for me, but I would assume the answer to that question lies with your ISP… reach out to them.

Right well unfortunately this was not a solution.

There is no POP3 option in that screen, only SMTP and IMAP.

The SMTP is already set to:
Security Policy=Force usage of SSL/TLS

As for the IMAP it says Port 143

I have no idea what any of this stuff means, but I’m disappointed that there doesn’t seem to be a clear answer to this problem.

One would think that someone responsible for this program would have provided a technical solution so that we don’t have to hope for another user to chime in. Yet another massive disappointment from eMclient

Perhaps if you had let us know what your settings were, I would not have “chimed in” with MY settings. I will chime out and let another user decide to “chime in”!

Based on your tone it seems you are misunderstanding me though I thought I was very clear. My complaint is not with you at all. It shouldn’t be the job of other users to troubleshoot each others’ problems. (though, to respond to your point about not posting my settings, I have no earthly idea what encryption protocols are nor what IMAP/SMTP/POP3 actually mean and I wouldn’t have had a clue what settings to post in this forum)

My complaint is (1) I shouldn’t be receiving threatening messages from my webmail provider if eM Client were handling my emails correctly and (2) eM Client should provide proper support for its program! We didn’t write this software, we are just users. It shouldn’t be users’ responsibility to help each other. It should be eM Client’s responsibility to immediately apologize for creating problems and then promptly provide solutions for the problems it causes.

5 days have now passed and no one from eM Client has stepped up. Yet another example of eM Client (after years of crashing constantly and then ERASING MY CONTACTS) being a complete and utter disappointment.

You are posting in a user supported forum. If you want eMC support then open a support ticket with eMC.

That is not an option, as I am a normal person (not using “pro version” of EMAIL!) and thankfully have never given any money to this company.

That being said, I still have the expectation of an eM Client employee monitoring this forum:


Free Version users

Community Support

For customers with the free license, we offer Community Support with the assistance of our experts.

This modern support engine is based on the popular engine, and our Support Engineers regularly monitor the forums.

It depends on what version of TLS your server offers. When eM Client connects to your email provider, if there is more than one offered, it will choose the most secure option.

Of course TLS is also determined by your OS. So if TLS 1.2 is disabled in your OS, then it can’t be used.