Need to import csv file for contacts

I managed to get all my contacts into a well organized csv file and imported it to eM Client but the available headers on the import screen aren’t complete. There is only “Address-Home” not street, city, state, zip. Also no way to import notes.

In the contacts view there are lots more catagories available (including comments).

Am I just missing something?

we are sorry, we are aware of some issues about a csv import. It was fixed and it should work all right in the next version - eM Client version 3.0 will be released in the next 14 days.

Status in Version 3.5 PRO on January 10 2012:

I counted 67 fields in the contact edit box (excluding pic and attmts).
File/Import could import 24 of them, if the field mapping was not broken.
RClick on records/export to csv can export 8 of them (!)

I had relied on you, and am now sitting on a huge csv file I merged from 5 devices / apps that all also miss out on their promises. It took me many hours. Is eM Client really the sixth? How long will I now need to manually syc that important file?

Please incorporate an unevaluated import and release the following:

  • default field names
  • required field data format (w/ text implementation example)
  • default field sequence (if needed)
  • expected field and text delimiters

He who can handle csv (anyone with a spreadsheet & a minimum of help) can also edit field names, arrange the field sequence (if needed) and arrange for required field data formats. (And much much more. I consider csv to be THE backup format for contacts, calender and todo list, and it is the smallest)

Is this maybe a investment valuable way beyond a finished field mapping dialog etc.?

Details as to broken field mapping:
(Aside from offering to import only 24 of 67 fields)

Mappings offered but not selectable:

  • Middle Name

  • Prefix

  • Suffix

  • All 10 address fields (i.e. Address/Home/Street or Address/Work/Zip)

Mappings selectable but no valid fields:

  • Address

  • Address/Home (as “Home”)

  • Address/Work (as “Work”)

Indistinguishable mapped fields:

  • Address/Home (as “Home”) from Telephone/Home (as “Home”)

  • and others

I’m not trying to be funny, but if there’re 5 other program failed, take a hint. The problem with .CSV files are, it easily editable, but it also lack a standard to its format. Each company may go about how the format goes. There’s no governing body to do this either. With situation like this, it highly unlike for any company to put such effort on a format that has no standard. vCard for contact and iCalendar is the industry recognise standard format.

I realize that problem with csv, but you are comparing apples with pears.
csv plus a spreadsheet app can replace a database program like MS access and the knowledge how to use it, and also is an enormously space saving backup. Once you need to edit the contacts file anyway it is simple to correct format problems you mention. With Notepad for instance. csv is so simple.
vCard, iCal and family are extremely bloated but perfect for on-the-go syncing or imports between applications that offer the same features.

To date csv is indispensable, and it may NOT die. Because “each company may go differently about” i.e. the information they put into one field, and you need to split or merge field data in all records. Or you need to correct corrupted data… While syncing between two apps, i.e. a smartphone and a desktop app, you can easily loose complete fields, as i.e. the smartphone app may just not support the same number of fields. What then?

The real problem here is of a totally different nature. eM Client promised things a year ago and again, but did not fullfill them. I relied on the company, invested, and now must somehow quickly act, as I run a business.

If you have business agreement with E&S Software, you should take up directly with them, not over the forum.

Off topic, spreadsheet and database maybe co-dependent. But impossible to replace one another. I can see why you prefer spreadsheet, but I can point out one thing that database are better than spreadsheet - query speed. I’m not comparing them, I’m simply point out what the majority is using. There’s not a lot of point going against where the industry (or what the majority is using) is heading. You can, but you’ll ask for more/hard work. Like what you experiencing now.

Your last sentence in so important and true! Unfortunately there is no way to avoid a conflict, as things constantly change and need adaption. But, as mentioned, there are enough reasons for csv (a datatable format) to exist next to vX and iX (transfer formats). They hardly can replace each other and surely will continue to exist. It is any companies choice to imply them, and I can take my choices alike amongst many products on the market.

In my case a database program would have been a lot more more work, believe me. Luckily the majority of them support csv, but how many customers can operate them? But that is not important now.

Regarding E&S Software, I completely overlooked they offer Pro Support. Thank you very much for your hint.

My part of the problem seems solved, as I in frustration also overlooked the possibility to convert csv to vCard.

But it surely is no mistake to also mention in this forum: Reliability is more important than the actual work you do, as it saves needles expenses and nerves on the customers side. I would suggest E&S make a public statement in this forum after giving the problem some thought. They meanwhile (after 1 year) might as well not support csv at all, as it is believed to be seldomly used. The implied csv functionality is either unfinished or unusable, a bloat, a real embarracement, and turns down customers.
So please respect, that THAT is the problem, NOT me & csv!