Need rule for [email protected]

I am receiving dozens of these spam messages, each has a different reply address so many sources but all are marked From: [email protected]. Obvious these are all spam as they are in
my Junk-Email folder

I set up this rule

After message has been received
from invalid’, ‘invalid.invalid’, 'nobody’, ‘[email protected]
move to Trash

But that does not catch these emails

The Mail Header does not have any words like invalid.
The Mail Source does not have any works like invalid

However, the Properties shows “From [email protected]

Is there a way to move these to trash?

OR …Can you add “in properties” to the rules ?

After message has been received
In propertiesinvalid’, ‘invalid.invalid’, 'nobody’, ‘[email protected]
move to Trash

I assume this would be useful for hundreds of your users since searching for emails from invalid finds many many complaints.

Thank you

Dennis Spanogle user dennis_spanogle1

sábado 03 febrero 2024 :: 2155hrs (UTC +0100)

Unfortunately eMC does not have an anti-spam capability and relies upon individual mail servers to deal with spam which if identified is moved to your Junk folder as you have discovered.
I am sure I will be corrected if I am wrong; my understanding is that rules in eMC only work before messages are moved to a folder, in your case Junk, so I guess you will need to delete the spam manually unless you create server side rules to do this before they arrive in eMC.
The reason I am not certain is that I use an independent server side anti-spam program so spam never arrives in my eMC.

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This means the email address is malformed, so we are not able to display it.

Rather than show a blank space, we display nobody@.

If they are in your Junk folder, then the server spam filter has already moved them there. There is nothing more you need to do. Rules won’t apply automatically to the Junk folder anyway.

Your server will empty the folder automatically after some time, usually about 30 days, but if you want it emptied more often without manually emptying it, there is a setting in Menu > Settings > General.