Need Japanese iso-2022-jp encoding capability!

I need to ask the community’s help here. The eM Client team has told me they cannot address this problem until it is up-voted.

The problem is simple. I mail in Japanese and English. The majority of Japanese emails render fine in eM Client, but some are written in one of the three encoding systems for Japanese, iso-2022. These mails cannot be read in eM Client. If I had known this I would never have migrated to the application but as I say, these mails were in the minority, so I didn’t notice. (I currently have to use Thunderbird - or pretty much any other mail application - to read them).

It is not that difficult to build iso-2022-jp encoding into the application, but I need some support from others to get them to consider it.


Hi David, you should have specified your message as an ‘idea’, not as a question.

If it’s specified as an ‘idea’, more people might want to vote for it.

Anyhow, you have my vote :slight_smile:

Thank you! You’re right, but I don’t think I can change its status. Next time I know!

changed it for you :wink:


Thanks, hope it helps. If you have any input to the development team on this, that will surely help too…

We always check all (often rejected) Idea requests at end of some interval and discuss them, which features has support or seems useful then they are added into our roadmap.

Idea request statues (planned/under consideration or rejected) are supposed to inform our users about possibility of it’s implementation. We always try to check them all.


I also use English and Japanese and would like to throw in my vote for this to be supported. Disappointed that we need to go through this to get an encoding added to the client - most users wont go this far and would just turn away from using the client after the first email doesn’t display properly.

I really would like to move my small but growing business (5 users currently) to eM Client but in order to do so it must have better Japanese support.

We don’t necessarily need a Japanese language interface (though it would be nice), but we certainly need full encoding support so we can work with Japanese language emails properly.

Additionally, currently when writing Japanese emails all Japanese text is marked as being spelling errors if spell check is enabled. This is extremely annoying. The spell check should just ignore Japanese characters rather than underlining them all in wavy read lines.

I really hope someone’s working on this because every message I get that looks like this suggests to me (and I imagine many others) that eM Client is still an application for amateur use only.


It is still being considered, but we would need more users who would support this feature.


Reminds me of Microsoft’s attitude in the 90’s. That’s why Japan has a larger market share of Apple users than any other single country. If Japanese is difficult to use with your product, it’s not likely you’ll get more users who need it. So then…you’re saying you’ll never fix this, because there will never be a reason to. I get it.

@David Imber, I meant to reply earlier with much the same comment.

eM Client Support: This isn’t a feature request, this is a *requirement* if eM Client ever hopes to gain any traction in Japan. It’s just not possible to use an email client that renders a decent percentage of emails as completely unintelligible random garbage characters.

I am sorry but we consider this as feautre request. We can’t focus on needs of minority, if more users will want this then there is no problem considering it.
Now it would take our time which we can use to satisfy majority’s needs.

But as you can see it is still under consideration.


I am still getting mail that looks like this. Please make it stop. It’s not a matter of “minority need”. A minority of people die in their cars, but seat belts are still necessary. This is what a mail client should do. Serve users. Period.

Hi, we should support this encoding already, we currently don’t support it’s equivalent which ends with 2, can you send me the exported .eml message that you’ve made a screenshot of to [email protected]?
What version of eM client are you currently using?

Thank you,

Sent, thanks! Using the latest, 6.0.20154.0

I just had a chance to go back to the mail itself and saw that this is not an iso-2022-jp issue but cp932. This should be even easier to address, I would think, but I won’t presume anything. If you need me to, I can come up with an iso-2022 message that failed, I’m pretty sure. But I’ll have to look, because naturally I discard these.

Hi, yes exactly as you said, we just checked the message and found it’s in encoding cp932 , actually the To field is encoded in iso-2022-jp and as you can see for yourself that’s displayed correctly.

I’ve been told that this encoding could be supported in future releases, so please be patient.

Thank you,

Thank you for this. If I can find examples of other encodings that are not supported I’ll send them. I will indeed be patient. Even as a work in progress, eM Client clearly offers superior qualities and I’m extremely grateful for the attention that our requests and suggestions receive. Thanks again.

Sure, thank you for your input on this, we appreciate it.
And if you have any other issues or questions, let us know, we’ll be happy to help.

Thank you,