Need help exporting contacts from eM Client on one computer into eM Client on another computer.

I have a free license for eM Client I use at work, and a personal free license I use on my home laptop.  I’ve just replaced my laptop but I am having trouble figuring out how to import from contacts from my work machine to the laptop. I did export the contacts from the work machine to a .vcf file and when I tried to import it on the laptop the file wasn’t available to select from the Desktop where I had saved it.  Any tips?

The Import feature   imports from a folder and not a file.  The file must be within that folder .
So the file that you created on your work machine     copy it to a distiinct  folder on your laptop
ex  c:\temp-contact     make sure the file within the folder has the extension  vcf
Have nothing else within the folder
Then Import

Menu   file   import 

Then follow the prompts  to complete

Thanks for the reply.  I’ve done as you suggested but the file still doesn’t appear to select. It is a .vcf file. When I go to Menu-File-Import I only have the options to import from Application or File, not folder. I am selecting “Contacts as VCard” from the file section.

After you select Menu  File   Import 

You are presented with screen asking what kind of application or  file    in your case Contacts   as v card vcf    Select this
Then Select the NEXT button on bottom to proceed to next page

The next screen ask you to select   " FOLDER"    it will not show any file. Select the folder that it resides in using the browse window
Select where you want it to go deafult is Contacts Then select FINISH
at the bottom to finish  

There are several screens  each needing you to click the next button on the botom of screen

Did you think about any online accout, say google contacts or own cloud? All contacts would keep in sync over smartphone, fritzbox, emclients anywhere…