Need Favourites Folder (not global inbox!)

I see that there are the “Smart Folders”, but that is only for global email stuff. Like, all the emails in one inbox. I don’t want that. If I have, say, two accounts, I want to quickly switch between Account 1 & Account 2 inboxes. I don’t want one big inbox. I like to keep things separate.

Can you please implement this?

Hello Sarah, unfortunately favourite folders are not currently an existing feature in eM Client, however you can setup a number of custom smart/search folders.

Right click on your smart folders currently listed and select Display > Search folders. The same way by right clicking search folders you can create a new search folder.

Search folders allow you to create a custom search value, that will scan the selected folders/accounts or all your folders as well, and collect the messages that are found according to the search term into the virtual search folder. You can use this in most cases as a workaround for favourite folders.

Hope this helps,

Okay, that seemed to do the trick. Thanks for your help! My only complaint now is not being able to put them in the order I want. It forces alphabetical order.

Unfortunately changing the folder sort order is not currently possible, but we’re considering improving this in future releases of eM Client.


One thing you can do when using the Smart Folders Inbox is to customize the column view to include Account. Right-click on the column and select to “Show in Groups”. If you then sort by Account, it will group messages by each account and within each account it will default to sorting the emails by date. It  will also give you the ability to expand/collapse each of your accounts.


I tried using the Search Folders option in Smart Folders, but they are Read Only, so you can’t add emails to them. With Outlook Favourites, they are the same folder, like a link, and you can do everything to them just like the actual folder. It would be great to have something like that in emClient. Like me, you have can have a long list of folders, but only use 4 or 5 on a daily basis.

Just wanted to bump the feature request for favourite folders as the smart folders are read only and don’t show any unread message count.

Thanks, Ross.

So funny. I received an email from emClient today asking for money to provide lifetime updates. They really think, after failing to deliver this requirement for 5 years, they have the nerve to ask for more money ? 

Seems that after 4 years it is only in the past couple of weeks that this thread got it’s first vote. :wink:

Grant, I think that this topic is discussed elsewhere where eM Client Inc. have said that they are considering it.

Favorites folders are included in the upcoming version 8. :wink:

But I bet that the favorites still won’t be locked at the top of the folder list when you start scrolling through your accounts/folders…

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I just tried the beta version 8. Took me 5 minutes to find faults, and quickly uninstalled it. I couldn’t even send an email. ??? Then had to recover previous version from the backup, as version 8 makes your current data, settings, folders etc all unusable by earlier versions. The backup didn’t bring back custom themes, but everything else was recovered from the backup.

In the panic, I didn’t even think to try the favorite folders, option, before uninstalling. haha.

I hope when they bring out the real version 8, there is a rollback option.

Yes, that is the nature of betas. Usually they are unfinished applications, and the same is true for eM Client. The beta does not yet include all the new features and translations, but otherwise is fully functional. Not being able to send an email probably just means that your anti-virus/firewall application blocked the new version.

If you want to try it again, send a message to with any beta issues and they will help you further.

Unfortunately there is no rollback because of a database structure change. This was the same with version 6 to 7. 

One of the few complaints I have with eM Client is that the custom themes are not included in the backup even though it is part of the database directory. If you want to manually save them, make a copy of C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Roaming\eM Client\Themes

Thanks Gary. Yep I had copied the entire eM Client  folder in case.

With not being able to send, I don’t think that will be firewall, as I am using v7. My anti-virus closes new apps when the launch, but in this case it hung without allowing cursor in the message area, and did not load the signature. I suspect the problem is around the signature being the issue, but I can’t say what, since it works in 7.

But yes my first action was to email their testing, and I complained about the rule based colors all being weird in the message list as well.