Need calendar view shortcuts!

It would be very nice to have a set of shortcut keys/actions for the calendar view.

In particular, I would like to be able to switch between day/week/month views with a shortcut key.

It would also be nice to page through the calendar views. It appears that left and right arrow keys let go forward and backwards a day, which is something. But if I am in a month view there ought to be a way to flip back and forth a month at a time.

Calvin Powers

You can do that with Page Up and Page Down.

Thanks for the info. It would be great of that was documented in the shortcuts documentation.

Also, when I am in the page view it would be nice if the Pg Up and Pg Down buttons moved a whole month at a time so that the first of the month is always on the top row. In y view at least the Pg Up and Pg Down keys move like six weeks at a time or something.