Need ability to edit Folder Names or ?

The default folder names that EM client uses and the default folder names that my IMAP server uses are different, as
a result I have two folders of each type that are used for the same purpose.

EM client=           Junk E-mail

My server=         Junk Mail

EM Client=          Draft

My server=         Drafts

The Inbox, Sent and Trash folders are the same on both my server and EM client but my server does not allow me to change a default folder name to match EM client and EM client does not allow me to change a default folder name to match my server, the result is extra folders cluttering up things in addition to having to manage four folders when their should only be two folders.

If I could re-name the EM client default folders to match my server default folders it would be nice and resolve this issue or at least map one folder to another and then make it invisible. My server allows me to re-name the EM client folders but when I attempt to make them match the server folders (rename “Junk E-mail” to “Junk Mail”) my server indicates that it will not allow two folders with the same name, also I suspect EM client will not be happy if the server re-names its default folders that appear to be locked.

Was not obvious when I searched but you would think that current IMAP standard (rfc3501) would specify default folder names so this issue resolves itself.

Hi Mikey,
eM client tried to recognize the default folders and if it cannot find them then it creates its own.
The way to solve this is to map these Special folders manually.

Right click the special folder from your server and note the Server location.

Copy it and go to IMAP tab in Tools>Accounts. Uncheck the automatic detection of special folders and manually assign the server location of the wanted folder.

Do this for all duplicated folders and then you should be able to remove the ones eM Client made.