Need a way to mass open new mail for each account

I have about 100 accounts on my email client and I need to be able to open a new email for each at once without having to click each account and then click new message. Does anyone know of a current way to do that or could someone write a tool to do this? Willing to pay. 

Hi Mark, not completely sure what you’re referring to. If you want to open multiple received messages at once, just select the messages and double click them.
There’s unfortunately no other option how to open multiple messages at once.

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I am really looking to create a new email out of several accounts at once. Not reply to multiple emails but instead I want to create a new email out of several accounts at once. 

Hi Mark, unfortunately this is not possible in current releases of eM Client.
to send a message to multiple recipients, you need to create a distribution list our of your existing contacts, or add the emails manually to the distribution list.

After you create the distribution list, you can just type in the name of the distribution list and send the email to the group of contacts.

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Hi Paul,

I think Mark is not so much looking for a way to send 1 e-mail to multiple recipients, but to send 100 e-mails with as sender for an e-mail one of his 100 e-mail accounts.

So if Mark would have 3 e-mail accounts, he would like to press 1 button, which will create 3 e-mails. Each of those 3 e-mails will have a different sender (namely one of his 3 e-mail accounts).

I’m however not sure whether all those 3 (or 100) e-mails need to have the same content. (I think ‘yes’, but Mark should be able to clarify this.)

Yes say I have three gmail accounts listed in emclient. so I want to be able to click on buttom and it open up a new email for bob1 bob2 and bob3

Hi Mark, this is unfortunately not possible in eM Client, maybe in future releases.