MyTasks not updating in EmClient.

Even when I hit the refresh button within emClient the Mytasks aren’t correct.

So I have them Mytasks on android phone, ipad and EmClient (windows 10 pc).

If I make a new MyTask on a browser/ipad/android-Emclient sees it. However if I tick it done on any device Emclient doesn’t update the task as completed.

If I tick it within Emclient, all other devices etc auto update the completed MyTask.

That has always been an issue for me too with Google Tasks not synching to EmClient tasks from Android mobiles or tablets etc. Something in Emclient just doesn’t pickup the Google task changes even after manually clicking refresh a few times. Even closing and reopening Emclient doesn’t seem to update.

So I just end up clearing them in Emclient later. Hopefully eventually this will be resolved.

Thanks Cyberzork. Agreed if it is a known fault… hopefully the devs will fix the problem.

Any idea if this issue has been formally raised with the devs? Mods would you care to comment?

Testing Google tasks synching in EMClient V8 Beta, still same issue as V7 official latest versions.

EMClient is picking up ok (newly added tasks) almost real-time, but when tasks are “marked completed” or “completed tasks cleared / deleted” on mobile / tablet devices, browsers in Google calendar, is still not being updated in EMClient even though the tasks are no longer showing in Google Calendar online even after waiting hours.

I am sure Devs know about this issue, but will send this through on the V8 Beta testing as well.

Thanks again.