myphone explorer

Hi guys,
is there any way to link up the eM client with the MyPhone Explorer? I use eM client as a substitute for Outlook and MyPhoneExplorer is a nice tool to link your phone with the computer …

The easiest way to sync your phone with eM Client is to sync your phone to the same email account that you have setup in eM Client. No other software necessary!

Yeah, that’s great to sync emails, but not to link your contacts and your calender.

With most email providers, you can sync tasks, calendars, contacts and emails. And the great thing about that is that it is synced in real-time, and no need to be close to the PC to sync your phone either.

Who is your email provider?

Yeah, I know this. But this is for many but not most or all. I’d be interested to sync my phone to my account - which is IMAP only and not supporting calender and phone/email contact syncing … has both CalDAV and CardDAV. That means it has online calendar and contacts, that you can sync with both your phone and eM Client.

In case you want to know more about your email provider, you can find the details at

Well thats what they say on their page, but it’s not working.
(I know what they stateon their webpage btw)

But long story short - there’s no way to import from eM Client?

You might want to contact their support.

What do you want to import from eM Client?

Right, that’s what I did. Not helpful in short. Not working.
Soooo … that’s why I was using MyPhoneExplorer as long as I used it with Outlook, but now I’m trying eM Client (nice!) and wanted to fnd out about the sync possibility with MyPhoneExplorer, to sync my Calendar and my adress book … :smiley:

eM Client unfortunately does not support that application, but rather relies on online accounts for syncing with other devices.

Another option is to use some other provider that is easy to setup, for just for your calendar and contacts. Maybe you have an iCloud or Google account. Both will work with your phone and eM Client.