my website contact us now page emails being sent to trash. losing business.

So my business website has a contact us now page, they fill in there details and questions and then click send. This sends to my business email address which in turn goes to em client.

Em Client keeps putting them straight into the trash folder is there a way of stopping this happening as I am losing business as I cant access my trash folder from my mobile phone wile out working.

thank you all.

To Trash folder or to SPAM folder?

junk-Email folder, thanks

eM Client would not put anything in spam unless there is a rule or the address is blacklisted.  Both require user input.  More likely, your email provider is doing this as most have their own spam filters.  You can go onto their website (or web client) and whitelist users or domains, or turn off the spam filtering completely.

To check if this is the case.  Check emails with your web client instead of eM Client.  If they are going into spam, then your provider is definitely the culprit.