My trash folder has disappeared from the address I have signed up with (The other one is fine)

I am running the free version of emclient, with two addresses set up, and have been doing so since 2016/17. In the last few days the trash folder from one of the addresses has disappeared, and so has the trial e-mail I deleted just to check. How do I retrieve/replace it before I accidentally delete something I want to keep? 

If you login to that email account using the web interface for your email provider, is the Trash folder and the missing message viewable?

I have been in contact with my internet provider (zen) who have kindly explained that my e-mail is a POP account -and what that means- and that therefore there is no trash folder on their system as all e-mail is passed directly to my computer.

Unusual for folders to disappear from POP3 accounts. And you are sure it it not visible in the left side-bar? 

Do you have a More folder, where it might be? If so, right-click on that Trash folder and choose Show. That will move it back to where it belongs.

If not, close eM Client and run C:\Program Files (x86)\eM Client\DbRepair.exe. Restart eM Client and see if the folder is back.


I love working with a genius! I had looked in more but didn’t try enough options. I’m keeping a note of the other option in case of further problems. Many thanks.

Just so you know, folders will be moved to the More folder if you right-click on them and choose Hide. It is a way of putting all those you don’t want to see in a separate folder, but they still maintain their original function within eM Client.