My Smart folder shows a total that doesn't seem right? More in message.

As you see by the image my Smart Folder is showing a total of 12 unread. Actually there is only 3. These 3 are starred, important, and unread but the Smart folder is showing a total as if they are all separate. Is this correct? If so I have to change my thinking. :slight_smile: Thanks   Jack  ":-Dx

This is my view when I open the Unread or Flagged. If it’s normal that’s fine. Just wanted to know if it’s so.

Hi Jack, are you using a Gmail account? Unfortunately this is caused by the gmail labeling system. As your server receives a message it gets assigned with a bunch of labels such as starred, important etc. Unfortunately for IMAP clients the message is duplicated as each label creates a message in the specific folder with a different UID.

This could be avoided by hiding the All Mail folder from the IMAP connection, however that will result in the inability to use the archiving feature for the account in eM Client.


Yes I do use Gmail. I looked a bit and could not recognize this option of hiding the All Mail folder. I think you might have been referring to the Right Click Show/Hide ??  That didn’t do it. Is there some other place to do what you are explaining that I do not see?  I do not archive mail so I don’t know that hiding it would bother me.  ":-Dx

You have to hide the All Mail folder from the IMAP connection, which has to be setup on your google account on the server. Navigate to your account’s preferences, select IMAP and chose which folders will be displayed.

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Yes, I went to a place I’ve little bothered before but got it done. Thanks! On the gmail web account (Gear Icon)>Settings>Labels. At this point I was first thinking the Show/Hide settings would be it. But then I noticed to the extreme right of the page check boxes for every folder and the Option for each saying: Show In IMAP then you check the box for off or on. That did it. Thanks! So simple when you know what your doing as you do.  ":-Dx

Hi, glad it works, please make sure to let us know if you come across any other issues or questions about the application, we’ll be happy to help.

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