My review/comments/critisism after 1 week of usage with Mac OS

Former postbox user here looked for something more business oriented and found eM Client
So this is what I found that really annoys and I think can be better. I start with the downside first.

  1. When searching for mails, there is no X to clear the search window. One must actively select the search text, mark it and press backspace. This should all be able to be done with one mouseclick.

  2. When receiving attachments and the sender has attached multiple attachments with same filename, eM Client only shows 1 of them. This causes other attachments to be skipped. I have multiple mails with 5 attachments but eM Client is only showing 3 of them.

  3. In OSX one can select an attachment, hit spacebar to preview it. Space = Preview everywhere in OSX. However in eMC it doesn’t preview. One must press and open it, it will then load in selected app and then you have to close down again.

  4. Tagged folders or Search folders does not show when new emails appear. They show in All inboxes but not in tags or Search folder

  5. Opening a large folder, with 5000 or more emails inside can cause a few seconds of lag until emails are shown and is blank before that. eMC should load first emails instant and then continue load the rest. But at least show first 50 emails instant and not blank screen. First time I loaded, my heart jumped thought where is all my emails.

  6. Messages viewed are sorted and shown as oldest to newest while the emails can be sorted as you wish. We need to be able to sort the messages the other way around also and not have them opposite to eachother.

  7. FROM name shows my name most of time making it hard to see who I am having the conversation with. eMC groups all names in the conversation. We should be able to select here to show the name/email of the receipent who we are having the conversation with instead. I don’t want to see my name taking up all space here.

  8. View message source can not search inside. If I view message source to search of a keyword or something inside, it is not possible. There is no search here. No edit or resave email after edited. This makes view source complicated. One must view it, copy all text and open it in notepad, search for keyword to find the source you are looking for.

Pro side and most important:

  1. Much lower CPU resources than Postbox and other clients I used. Specially with large folders
  2. Very customizable down to detailed levels.
    and much more.

I will continue to use eMC and adapt to it but really hope the developer decides to resolve above to make it the best email client.

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Below is my message I sent to eM Client 2 years ago concerning your point 3.
After some years working with eM Client I come to the conclusion, that the knowledge of the developers is not very great if it comes to apple. The windows version is great, but the Mac version can’t even handle basic Mac functions, therefore I changed back to Outlook for Mac.

“” Hi
During the beta testing of eM Client 7 for Mac I sent you the request below. Now we have eM Client 8 and it is still not possible to use the best feature apple offers - quick look. Please have a look at this and implement asap.

------ Original Message ------
From: “Hans-Peter Stettler” [email protected]
To: “eM Client” [email protected]
Sent: 11.01.2019 9:28:28
Subject: Beta Feedback für Version 7.2.34197.0

Handling of attachments
Until now attachments can only be opened with preview which is rather inconvenient.
Far more easier and quicker would be the use of the „quick look function“ by pressing the space bar. “”

Lucky you! I only have to start eMC on my M1 Mac Mini and it eats 1GB memory which then increases. I’m trying Canary Mail and that uses 147MB. What a difference. Of course, Canary Mail, along with AirMail, Apple Mail, Spark, Thunderbird and others, has a native ARM version for the Apple M1 Macs (all the new Macs basically) but eMC is resolutely Intel only. Such a shame.