My problem is error Daily limit exceeded. I am not able to post the screenshot. Thanks fo answers.

Daily limit exceeded

Which daily limit are you asking about?

You can post a screen shot by clicking on the camera icon below.

Thank you very muchbut for now the problem as not recurred, without me having done anything. Hopefully good!

I can only think of one reason for a daily limit imposed by eM Client, and that is when using a Free License there is a limit in the number of translations you can do each day.

There could also be limits imposed by your server for the number of emails you can send in one day, or the total size of emails you can send in one day.

If it shows up again, make a note of the exact error, or take a screen shot, and somebody will be able to clarify what it is.

actually I have a trial versionthis will be the reasonalthough I am not sure why it is correct by itselfThanks again.