My messages have started to be marked as read before i actually read them I have the account on my phone but there they remain unread.

Messages marked as read

Hello Michael, what mail service are you using with eM Client? Are you using any rules on your account? Are you using a POP or an IMAP account with eM Client? Does this occur with all received messages or only with some? What version of eM Client are you currently using on your computer, can you please check the exact release number in Help > About?


Hi, I’m using Gandi. on an IMAP account. It occurs on all messages. I uninstalled eM Client and reinstalled so it’s the latest version. 
I have always had ‘mark as read after 0 seconds’ but as an experiment have just changed it to 1 second and so far my unread messages are still there.

Hello, mark as read after 0 seconds is a setting used after opening the message, if you’re using the IMAP protocol, all your read/unread status should be synchronised across devices using this protocol to synchronise your messages with the server. However receiving messages on IMAP should not force the message to mark as read, only when you click on the message and select it to display in the preview, then messages will be marked as read after the setup period of time.


Hi, I understand that but that’s the point. Without selecting the message it looks like it’s been read i.e. goes from bold to plain and removes the new message indicator in the tray. If I look on my phone it is still unread for a second or 2 until it checks with the server then goes to read status.


It’s possible that other applications include a different settings, if the messages are being read automatically please make sure that no rules are active on the account that may be automatically marking the messages as read and please note that while using IMAP marking the message as read on one device will automatically synchronise the unread status with other devices as well.

If the issue persists, please navigate to Tools > Settings > Advanced and enable IMAP and Rules logging for the problematic account, save the settings, replicate the issue where messages are being automatically marked as read and restart the application when the issue reoccurs. After the application re-opens, please navigate back to the advanced settings window to submit the logging data.

Please submit the logs to my work mail with a reference link to this forum topic.