My mail is neither sending or receiving automatically.

My mail is neither sending or receiving automatically even though I have “send immediately” option selected.  Did I miss an option?

There is another setting in Menu > Tools > Accounts, then at the bottom of the General tab, but as far as I know that just includes the specific account when you click the Refresh button.

Who is your email provider?

What version of eM Client are you using? (Menu > Help > About)

Can you look in Menu > Tools > Operations and see if there is any error in the Log tab.

“Include when sending…” is and has been set.
NO errors in Operations Log tab.
eMClient Ver 7.2.35542.0 is up to date - I update automatically.
Email handler?? Not sure what you want - eMClient is handler I think unless you are
referring to my provider - Xfinity/Comcast.

That is not the latest version, and not even a recent version. Can you update to the latest release available in the Release History and see if there is any difference with sending and receiving.

When I select Menu/Help/Check for updates – I’m told “NO update available”.  Is there somewhere else to look for updates and I’m afraid I must ask — WHY???

Should mention I’m using Windows 7 not 10.  And – if I load latest update from the “Release History” link you provided, are all updates from whatever ancient version I have included?  Thank you.

Yes, I gave you the Release History link where you can check for the most recent updates. Apparently eM Client does not push updates to all computers at the same time, but you should only be one update behind at most. I think maybe as the version you have is not an official released version, there may be some issue it has with updates. Better to use those versions you find in the Release History.

Each update is a complete version of the application. No need to install each one in sequence. Just download and install the latest.

Most software Apps push for user to load latest update, I assume, to keep users happy and not run into problems like I just did.  Thanks for giving that unknown (to me) site called Release History.  Download latest issue.  Will see if it works…

Sometimes updates are staggered so not everyone gets it on the same day. That is a fairly common practice. But yours seems to be an unusual situation as the version is not listed in the release history, nor has it updated with the last 4 updates.

Anyway, let’s see what happens after the manual update.