My Gmail mails send to SPAM folder


I use a business account e-mailadres connected to Gmail. I have been using the Em Client for a while now and when I send mails with eM Client to a Gmail account, I get send to the spam folder. If I use the Gmail client, I don’t get send to the spam folder. Is anyone familar with this?

Sending a mail to a microsoft account works just fine…


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Hi @joostdejonge_95bulls

eMC does not have a SPAM filter. Mail that is being treated as SPAM is as the result
action by whatever filters are in use on the mail server where you will either be able
to make changes yourself or request the action.
You can also use Webmail to mark particular and/or blocks of mail as NOT SPAM.

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I am not sure what you are saying. Are you saying that if you send from your emclient app to a person using gmail, then the recipient rejects it as spam, but not if you send to a non-gmail recipient?

Or are you saying that if you send with the em client your email is moved to spam on your computer instead of being in the sent folder?

Hi Steve and Skybat,

Thank you for the reply. I am referring to mails which I send from the eMClient to a gMail client. I almost always get send to the SPAM folder and I also have instances where my mail is delivered 1-2 days late.


Can you ask the Gmail recipient to select your message in their spam folder, and mark it as not spam.

Hi @Gary,

Sure. But I am also trying to figure out why some messages take hours and some days to be delivered?

If you have sent a message, and it appears immediately in your Sent folder, then it is uploaded to the server. What happens after that is between your email provider and the recipient.

I would start with your email provider and ask them if they have any issues. They will probably need the message from the recipient to see the headers which will indicate the message’s path from server to server, and the times it arrives at each.

Thanks for the explenation. If this keeps happening, we will continue to look into why this is happening.

I’m having the same issue. We use Google Workspace and have two domain names. If I send mail with the primary domain in eM Client, emails go to the gmail recipient’s inbox. If I use an alias domain, the email goes to the gmail recipient’s spam folder. I can send email with either domain from the Gmail android app or webmail and have no issues, mail goes directly to the recipient’s inbox.