my free license expired. now what?

My free license expired on 02/06/2013. Do I have to buy the pay version or can I keep using the free version. I haven’t received a cut-off notice, but I don’t want to be locked out one day & forced to pay.

Send me your email address used for the license registration - I will extend your license immediately.

For how long can we keep using free user ?

for unlimited time, but you have to refresh it every 12 months.


HELP!!! I have a free license…it has expired…I read you wanted a snapshot of the license but when I went to get the screenshot my question thread was not here
I can receive but not send…GRRRRRRRRRRRR
I have been at this for almost an hour now

for some reason I cannot get a screen shot…the license states:
Name: Demo
Date Issued: 1/26/14
Upgrades allowed until: 2/25/14
User: 1
Demo Mode
HELP…I really need my email this morning…I have a report in less than an hour…PLEASE

I can no longer wait for an answer…if you decide to answer maybe you can send an email with a link…like I said…I can receive but I cannot send…

there isn’t a face below that describes my “emotions”

You didn’t activate eM Client with a free license if it says “Demo”.

After you register for a free license on our site you get an activation key. Then you can activate eM Client with the key using the Help -> License menu.