My free licence activation key does not seem to work anymore.

Yesterday eM client still worked fine, today I got an error message: no valid licence. Tried to activate again, but to no avail.

Hi, can you send me an email with your licensing details to [email protected]?

Thank you,

Hi i am facing the same problem and when i tried entering the same activation key that i had earlier i am getting a message “This computer cannot be activated due to violation of our license policy. Please contact our sales department.” 
Please help.

What has changed recently? Have you updated Windows, or installed or updated anti-virus software?

I had updated the anti-virus recently and there were some updates to Windows that were installed automatically.

If you disable the anti-virus and firewall, do you still get this error?

I am not allowed to disable the anti-virus and we don’t have permission to do so. Is there any other way this problem can be solved?

This forum is intended for free license users, who have no restriction with temporarily disabling their anti-virus or firewall to ascertain if that is causing a problem. If you are using eM Client in a business environment, I suggest you make use of your VIP support, where you will get same-day support from the developers.

Hi I am facing the same problem on a computer twenty last and when I tried to enter the same activation key I had earlier I receive a message "This computer can not be activated due to violation of our licensing policy.Please contact our sales department. "
 Is there a solution?

Are you attempting to enter the same key on more than one machine?

Hi Jay,
No, each machine has its own activation key.
I am a technician and I installed EmClient on the computers of my clients.
My phone has not stopped ringing since early this morning.
On my computer, it works and on many others.

It no longer works on 20 or 25 computers.

Any error message?

"This computer can not be activated due to violation of our licensing policy.Please contact our sales department. "

EmClient is installed as a free version, with a single email address each time.

Yeah, something strange is going on.  Just posted a comment hopefully eM Client will respond.

my guess is they are trying some new algorithm to detect license violations and it’s not quite ready for prime time.  However, this brings up privacy concerns.

OK, thanks for your help.

If EmClient does not fix the problem by the week’s din, I’ll have to migrate my clients to another messaging software.

Too bad that the beautiful adventure can stop this way.

It was a good software …

It is a good software. Don’t give up yet.

My clients are a bit in a hurry.
I hope they will solve the problem quickly.
Celebrations are coming and people need to send messages.
I will not want to lose my clientele.
I wait until Sunday, last time.
Monday, I start the migration

I suggest to give us a new Activation key which shouldn’t matter as we are using a free version. I hope this problem gets solved soon and I’m able to use EM Client again.

Avinash, you can register for a second Free License under a different email address if that will help.

cannot activate licence activation center not operational