My emails screen gone blank (android phone)

After using satisfactorily for ever, suddenly my emClient presents blank white on my android phone screen. No menu, no emails, nothing. I have rebooted - makes no difference. So currently cannot get emails on my phone. Laptop is fine

First check that you have the latest eM Client droid mob app from the Playstore. Latest V10.0.2643. Also make sure your Droid OS is up to date as well.

Now if you already have the latest eM Client mobile app and your OS is up to date, try going into your Droid “OS settings / apps / eM Client app” and “clear the cache”.

Failing that you might also need to “clear the app data” which unfortunately means you will loose your existing accounts setup within the eM Client mobile app, but it might be the only way to fix the problem.

Next if still the same problem, uninstall and reinstall the app from the Playstore.

Lastly once you get it all going, you can "Export the mobile app complete settings to an .XML file, which can then easily be imported again if you had to reinstall or resetup again in future. You can access that via “Menu / Settings / General / Import / Export” at the top left of Droid app.