My emails recieve in Spam

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Hallo ich nutze seit 3 Tagen em Client und habe 2 Mailadressen hinzugefügt.
A1 (aon) Email funktioniert ohne Probleme
und eine GMX Adresse.
Wenn ich mit der GMX Adresse EMails aus dem Browser versende funktioniert alles problemlos.
Sende ich aber Mails aus dem emClient mit der GMX Adresse so lande ich bei anderen Google und Icloud Mails im Spam (bei anderen GMX-Adressen nicht).
Also folgendes Szenario: Ich sende im Browser mit der GMX WebApp eine Mail - sie kommt an. Ich sende 1 Minute später aus emClient eine Mail an die selbe GMail Adresse und sie landet im Spam???
Ich habe einige Mailtester aus dem Netz probiert dort bin ich überall durchgekommen und auf keiner SpamListe.

Port: 993
Sicherheitsrichtlinie: SSL/TLS auf bestimmten Port verwenden (Legacy)

SSL/TLS erzwingen

Danke für die Antwort
lg Felix

Hi, i’ve a problem with the em Client. I’m using 2 Mailaccounts. The first one (A1 aon) works fine.
But with the second account (GMX) I have a problem.
If I send a Email from the GMX Webmail everything works. If I send the Mail from the emClient the mail stucks in spam (tested with Gmail and Icloud). If I send a mail to another gmx mail no spam)

So I’ve send a mail from the GMX webmail to an GmailAdress - everything worked. I send 2 minutes later another mail from emClient to the same GmailAdress and it was in SPAM.

Imap: imap gmx net (blankspace instead of dots)
Port: 993
Use SSL / TLS on specific port (legacy)
mail gmx net (blankspace instead of dots)

Thanks for your help

This is interesting. I also use GMX, and don’t think that my messages go to the recipient’s spam folder. At least I get replies to most of my messages, so I assume that they don’t.

There is one possibility that came up before, and that was the recipient’s mail server thinking messages sent from eM Client were spam because they contained a signature. So if you have setup a signature in eM Client, remove it and see if there is any difference.

Thanks for your fast repond. No I don’t use any signature.

It may be marked as spam because of your IP address, as that would only affect messages sent from eM Client, but not from a webmail interface.

Maybe you need to look at the header of the message sent to spam. See who is marking it a spam (perhaps Google), then contact them and see if there is anything they can do or if they can give some explanation.

I dont think its the ip adress - the otherr mail account (aon) which I have also in emClient works fine. I’ve looked up the message header and “X-Spam-Flag: NO” says NO, but I don’t know exactly what to look for.

But I think I’ve solved the problem.
I deinstalled emClient, restartet the PC made an Windows Update, installed emClient and now it seems to work. (I sent mails to 5 gmail accounts (which i havend sent mails before) and only 1 noticed me as spam)
So I think I can work with that.

Thanks for your time Gary. Have a nice weekend. :slight_smile:

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