my emails are sometimes sent multiple times

It appears sometimes and I am not able to find a pattern.
Here is what I tried to replicate: I have 2 email addresses on emclient and I tried to send emails from one address to the other one, and then reply. On the 4th reply (from my hotmail account to my gmail account), the email was received 3 times on my gmail account, but appeared only 1 time in my hotmail’s Sent folder.
I don’t think this was happening with my previous email client (windows live mail), as nobody ever told me to receive any duplicated email.

what version of eM Client are you using?
Do you have any ‘Rules’ applied to your mail accounts?
Is this happening regularly, during standard email activity?


Hi Paul,
Version: 6.0.19861.0
Just 1 rule for messages I receive on my gmail account from a specific email address: “After message has been received
from ‘
move to Trash
and skip notification”

It’s hard to be sure how often this is happening. I got the feedback twice, and I was able to reproduce doing what I described above. When it happened, it was during standard email activity.


Hi, can you please send me the exported messages (both duplicates) to ?

thank you,