My emails are being grouped (as 'conversations'?) incorrectly

This is both a problem and a question.

I have emails from two completely different contacts that are being grouped into the same conversation. I believe this is down to a blank subject, but I can’t be sure.

It has been brought up before: however that was nearly a year ago and there doesn’t seem to be a definitive answer.

The incorrect grouping isn’t that much of a problem - I understand that EmClient can’t be 100% reliable regarding email grouping. However is there any way to manually ‘ungroup’ emails from a conversation? My emails get sorted into folders named after my clients - when I drag an entire email group into a folder, a lot of unrelated emails go in there to, because they are part of the conversation.

I’d prefer not to turn the email grouping off (assuming you can,) but I may have to if this issue continues.

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Same issue here. The grouping idea is nifty (after I understood it), but due to unavoidable false groupings, I would highly appreciate a manual ungroup option.

Currently, I solve it by disabling the grouping temporarily in settings when putting such emails in my folder structure, and enabling it again afterwards.