my email account is not working

It asks for my login details and wont let me in.  Says I am “unauthorised”

Sometimes that can happen when you have the incorrect settings.

Go to Menu > Tools > Accounts and click on the IMAP tab for your account. Make sure that the port is set to  993 and the security policy is Use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy).

If you need further help, please give the version of eM Client are you using and the email provider.

Gary I don’t see a way into Menu, Tools Accounts as you suggest  to do this as the box for that very rarely comes up when I click on my eM mail.  I am not being very successful.  Can you not sort it from where you are? My EM client license key is :- 


I am working through Yahoo email at the moment but I wish to keep eM email if I can as I am used to the layout which is user friendly.  

Unfortunately, I don’t know what version of eM client I am using but I think my email provider is sky or it could be Microsoft.  In fact I think it probably is the latter. 

I will quite understand if you can do nothing from where you are. 

Liz Brant 

Gary, it now seems to be working - and hopefully will stay working.  So ignore all of above comments.  I will come back to you if it goes down again. 

Liz Brant