My eM Client will not send mail messages.

My eM Client will not send mail messages… but no problem receiving mail. Just moved house this week and temporarily using a mobile broadband dongle for internet & e-mail access until phone line has been transferred to new house in 10 days time. Do I need to change something in the smtp settings to enable outgoing mail to work? Hope someone can help!! Steve W.

Hi Steve, is it possible your new connection is using firewall or has certain ports disabled for use?
Are you receiving any error messages from the application?

Thank you,

Hi Paul,
Thanks very much for responding re my sending mail problem.
I have screenshots of the error message and the smtp settings… but can’t see how to attach these to this message.
If you could advise how, I will send through to you.
Look forward to hearing back from you.
Kind regards,

Hi, when replying to a topic, there should be a camera button below the text field. However if you’re having trouble finding you can send the screenshot(s) to [email protected].

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