my e-mails are gone

my e-mail go away by themselves

Hi Joseph,

Which version of eM Client are you using?

Which e-mail provider are you using?

Are you using POP3 or IMAP to receive e-mails?

You mean that your received e-mails are automatically removed from your inbox?

Maybe you’ve set up a rule, so the e-mails are automatically moved to another folder?

Hi Joseph, can you please answer the above questions in order to resolve the issues?
What mail service provider are you using?
Is this a POP or an IMAP account? Are you missing emails in your Inbox? Are the messages still available on the server when logging in using your webmail?

Thank you,

You can just be viewing your mail in the inbox when about 10 e-mails will dissapear. you can come back sometimes and emails have gone. It just dumps a few randomly. I need a email service that is stable. Joe

Hi again, can you please answer all of the questions above? Is that an POP or an IMAP account? What version of eM Client are you using?

Thank you,

Hi Joseph,

If you have the e-mail setup as IMAP account, it will synchronize the e-mail on your client with the server.

Maybe you (or someone else) is logged in on another PC (or mobile phone or tablet) and removing e-mails from your inbox from that other device?

Then you will see these e-mails also (automatically) removing on your current PC.