My e-mail signature image doesn't work properly

Hi, Thank you for providing me with this wonderful services.
However, there is one problem that I want you to solve for me.

I’d tried to use my mailing signature image in , but every time I tried to send e-mails somehow automatically converts the signature image to the ATTACHMENT.

Actually, I tried to do the same in Google Chrome and it seems that when the signature is properly shown in recipient’s mail box.

For your reference, I’m attaching the screen image captured.

Thank you for your kindness in advance.

Take care.

JH Kim

The signature is not shown in the recipient’s mail box in eM Client probably because of the setting under Menu > Settings > Mail > Privacy > Unsafe Content.

If the first option is selected as in my screenshot, the signature will not be displayed because it is an embedded image and therefore considered unsafe content.

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