My Contacts and Local Folders

How do I get all my contacts into one folder (not local folder)? Also, is there any way I can get all my incoming emails into one inbox, instead of two? What are the ‘local’ folders, anyway? I find them very irritating in Contacts, and would rather have them all in one.

Contacts - the only way how to get all the contacts into one folder is to copy the contacts from Local folder to your default Contact folder. If you want, you can then disable the Local folders (Tools - Settings - General)

Mail - you can show all your emails in one “Smart folder”. Enable it in Tools - Settings - General

I transfered my contacts from Outlook and Gmail (the two were in sync at the time) and the contacts in my new emClient/Gmail folder are fine. I have not used or sync’d with Outlook since the transfer. But I’m not sure where the “duplicates” in my emClient Local Folders/contacts came from. They appear to be an older version of the current/accurate Gmail and Outlook contacts list. I’m afraid to delete them if they are not simply an older version, but I have thousands of contacts and don’t have time to see if the Local Folder contains some unique entries. Where is it likely that emClient found the old data it’s using for Local Folder contacts (so I’ll know if it’s safe to just delete them and keep my gmail contacts)?

I did disable the Local Folders but the duplicates in Local Folders still turn up in a Search and I may inadvertently select and scramble them.

Oh well, I went ahead and deleted the Local Folders/Contacts and whats left in GMail/contacts seems to be OK, so my question’s moot now.


Have I understood well that everything is okay now?

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Can’t you create a rule to put all Inbox emails into a single Inbox???

In the Tools menu, then Rules menu.

Apply custom rule on messages I receive

After message has been received
received using account
move to folder

Hi, this works for emails only, not contacts.