My calendar screen is blank

After clicking the calendar tab I just get a message over the white screen “this folder contains no items and no operations can be performed”. It was working fine always but suddenly I can only see a small calendal in the left side bar where the calendar tab is, the rest of the screen is blank. Today it updated to the latest version without improvements.

hello same problem here, no resolution so far

Hello Bruno,

Please make sure that in Menu > Tools > Accounts > your account > Services your email account has the calendar option ticked.


I have the exact same problem as stated by Bruno. The only thing i changed recently was to delete local folders in email. With your solution, I can’t get to “your account” to check it.

Thanks Don

If your calendar is not synced with an online account, go to Menu > Tools > Settings > General and tick Show Local Folders.

If your calendar is synced with a provider like Google, then you need to follow Russel’s instruction above. Go to Menu > Tools > Accounts and click on the General tab for your account. Scroll down to Services and make sure the calendar option is ticked. With Google it will be Google Calendar, but with other providers it will be CalDAV, or AirSYnc.