My application starts very often with message box "last session not closed correctly"

My application starts very often with message box “last session not closed correctly” then database is updated for very long time. I tried to close the program by normal X in the corner I tried to leave Windows by themself on switch off, no difference. Going to buy life licence but this scares me.

Please quit the eM Client before shutting down your computer

Yeah you can try that. It used to be that you needed to close eM Client a few minutes before Windows, but this issue was fixed quite some time back. Now shutting down Windows should automatically close eM Client correctly.

What version are you using Michal?

Thank you for your comments.
I am experiencing this also in my new computer computer where I installed my eM client just couple of weeks ago - wanted to substitute Outlook, because of financial reasons. Version I am using is 7.2.35595.0.


Same for  me - same version 7.2.35595.0  on Win 10  -1903
Closing eMC via   Close button or via Menu-File -Exit and  then giving it time to completely exit - 2 min or so ,seems to resolve it for me.

I only have a small Database so checking doesn’t take long if incorrectly closed
But I’m wary of corruption- which can easily occur with larger databases.

Thank you, I was exiting the program before I closed Windows, but never was waiting as long as 2 minutes as mentiond. Will see if this helps long term, but I would call this more bug than a feature…

This problem was fixed in eM Client, but I think that there may be some issues introduced with Windows 10 1903. There certainly were a whole lot of issues including some display problems in eM Client after that update.

I am wondering if this problem was not already flagged by eM Client Inc. and included among the “hundreds of bug fixes” in 7.2.36465?