Must provide login and password constantly - Exchange Server

Since today - nov 8 2015 - I have to enter my login and password when my mail is retrieved. But when I enter it, it keeps coming back with the same answer. I use Microsoft Exchange and when I login to it using the web interface with the same credentials, it works perfectly. So the login and password are ok.


I deleted my account and re-installed it. When I enter my login and password it says “Server found, but cannot login. Check e-mailaddress and password.”

Then i changed the password in office365 (Exchange control panel) to be sure I have the correct password. But it gave the same error message. 

Still not working

sorry for the late reply, could you please test your server connectivity on this webpage > and screenshot/copy the results?
If you don’t want to post them to the forums, you can send them to with a link to this forum topic in the body of the message.

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I read an article that described an actual update/patch from Microsoft which caused problems with connections between Outlook and Exchange Server. After a lot of complaints of users, Microsoft create a patch that solved this problem. I think it had something to do with my problem, because it’s working again. I re-configured my eMail client with my exchange mail address and it worked without any problem.