Must "enable imap" in gmail for eM Client? "Less Secure" Apps Option?

I just added a second gmail account to my eM Client 6 (latest version) setup.  I notice that this official eMC page

says that “no setup is required.”  So I just went ahead and followed the procedure described on that page.  Seems to work nicely.  However, I looked server settings, and notice that it was set up to use host.  Looking in my actual gmail settings, I find that, under "Forwarding and POP/IMAP, the option “disable IMAP” is selected.

Is this correct?  eMC seems to be working properly with this gmail account, but should IMAP be enabled?

Also, I saw somewhere that the option for using “less secure” apps should be enabled with eMC and gmail.  Is this the case?


using automatic setup, Gmail will always be detected and set up as IMAP, as this is Google’s default setting.
The additional settings in gmail web settings are for manual setup. If you would prefer to use POP protocol, you need to enable it in the “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” tab and then set up the account manually in eM Client.

To set up gmail account manually, go to Tools>Accounts and choose New Account.
Instead of the Automatic setup choose Mail>Other and check POP. Set as incoming server, as outgoing.

Mind that POP protocol only downloads messages from your server (and deletes them, unless you set it otherwise) and does NOT keep your data synchronized, which may lead to accidental data loss in case something happens to your database or computer.

As for less secure app, that is no longer needed, if you use 2-step verification you might just need to set up an app specific password.


Thanks, Olivia. This is helpful, but didn’t quite answer my questions, which were: (1) Does “enable IMAP” have to be selected in the “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” tab of the internal settings in Gmail? and (2) does eM Client require that Gmail’s option “access for less secure apps” be turned on?

On (1), I note that the eM Client setup leaves the internal Gmail setting at “disable IMAP.”

On on (2), see:

These questions might be of general interest to your users, I’m guessing.

Cheers!  LN

(1) if you plan to use IMAP then yes, I suggest enabling it. Google’s IMAP implementation is quite unconventional, so I am not sure why it works with IMAP setting even when IMAP is ‘disabled’. You’d need to ask Google support for this one.
(2) No, it does not need to be turned on, because we support oAuth authorization.


This is extremely helpful.  Sincere thanks!  Keep up the good work.

I have to enable less secure app for it to be able to access the account, if there is a way to have access without enabling this please explain and if you feel you already have I did not get it so explain it for dummies.


With recent eM Client 6 and 7 versions it is definitely not necessary to enable support for less secure apps. The accounts are setup and authenticated using OAuth and you will see actual Gmail login window when granting eM Client access. It even supports 2 factor authentication if it is enabled for the account.

You may correct, I am probably doing something incorrect, I am on version 6 and when I start the client with less secure app disabled I get a password error after verifying the password and enabling the less secure account the client is then able to log in.

I recently changed my google passwords, and as part of the setup on google, I disabled access for less secure apps. Now eM Client (pop access) will not accept the password unless I go back to google and enable access for less secure apps.

Do you have 2-step authentication activated in gmail?  If yes, you will have to get an app specific password for gmail.  Alternatively, you can turn off 2-step authentication.

No, 2-step authentication is not turned on in Google. I will have to just live with less secure access.

0Auth has been supported by eM Client since the later releases of version 6, so I’m not sure what the problem is.  May be related to password change.  I’ve never changed my password, so I’m not sure how it is handled.

I had been using eM Client in IMAP mode and never had problems with passwords. Then I moved back to Thunderbird for some reason (I know - stupid idea). Anyway, I decided to use POP mode in Thunderbird and this is where I discovered this problem. The solution was to enable access for less secure apps on Google. So that setting was still there on Google when I came back to eM Client, which I am using in POP mode. It was only today when I changed my security preferences on Google, and turning off the less secure access caused the password to be rejected.
Solution: Go back to IMAP or turn on less secure access.

Not sure about POP3, but I did find this on a google site:

“If you recently changed your Gmail password, you might need to re-enter your Gmail account information or completely repeat your Gmail account setup on your other email client.”

It appears you can use 0Auth with POP3, but I’m not positive.

I think going back to IMAP is not a bad idea. Makes things simpler.
Thanks for your input Jay.
Now would just like to delete the local folders to make everything look pretty, but can’t see where to do that.

Can’t you simply copy the messages in the local folders into an IMAP “folder”?  It will then sync with the server (now backed up!)

Yes, that is what I did. But would like to delete the now empty local folders.

Ahh, that’s easy.  You can’t actually delete them but go to menu/tools/settings/general/general and un-check “Show local folders”

P.S. - you can’t delete them as it uses them for archiving.

Thanks Jay. All now looking nice and clean.