Multiple SMTP servers

In eM Client you can add multiple email address aliases to a specific account.
Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be possible to associate to every single alias its own SMTP server.
This feature (which, for example, is available in Gmail) would be useful to avoid your email be categorised as spam when you send email messages from an alias, but the SMTP server has no SPF record for that alias domain.

What I have done is setup a separate account for each address, then just disable the IMAP/POP3 protocol, so I end up with multiple SMTP only accounts.

Hi Gary and thank you for your answer.That could be a solution, but I think that I would have the sent items  distributed between the various account. Am I wrong?

Using a default setup, sent items would be in each account’s individual folders. There are a couple of way to bypass that. One is if you initially setup the account as POP3, and on the last screen of the setup, you choose to use local folders instead of separate folders for each account. Actually, using POP3 is advised for this this type of alias implementation, not IMAP.

That will save all sent emails from those SMTP accounts in Local Folders > Sent.

Another option is to create a Rule to move all sent items to a folder. This is the method I use. You can either have a single Rule moving any sent emails for all accounts to a single folder, or separate Rules for each SMTP account moving the messages to different folders.

Hi Gary,
I think I will try the second one.Thank you for your help.