multiple sender

It is possible to add a second account to send email with two senders.
But it is necessarry to activate imap AND smtp to change the second account as defailt sender. Is there a way to set the default sender without imap settings, because i do not want a folder for the second account?

You can setup another account and simply disable the IMAP service. However, creating new mail or reply of mail will automatically choose the account that is being linked with. You can change the account easily with new/reply window with the account pulldown box. The account pulldown box is right on the toolbar, next to the encryption (a lock looking) icon.

i know the pulldown box, but i want to choose the second account as default. And i thin this is only possible when IMAP is enabled.

ok, I’ll phrase it differently.
Is it possible to set a standard sender, no matter what IMAP mailbox is selected?
I use Google Mail and would not like to use the Google email address as default.
I want to use always my old email address as sender.

Not possible. That use to be the way eM Client works, but someone put a suggestion to automatically detect your current account folder and use the appropriate account when composing e-mail. It does kind of defeat the whole purpose of having a default account, but blame on the people who actually vote this as a suggestion.

In you scenario, the only work-around is to manipulate your account settings by changing to the SMTP server you want to use and the appropriate credential settings.

I hate this ‘feature’. I want to have a default email sender account - the auto-detection is annoying. I end up sending from the wrong account now. This feature should be optional, and configurable. I updated and paid the $$ for the full version, and now I am starting to dislike it. The calendar features are somewhat improved, but aside from that, I don’t like the new version.

Have you tried the latest version? 4.0.4479, it revert back to the old ways of when composing new mail, it always select your default e-mail account.