Multiple issues getting/applying license

Have used eM Client for years. Got a new PC. Saved/exported settings etc. from eM on old machine. Downloaded and installed eM on new machine, imported all the saved stuff. Everything worked perfectly for weeks. I leave home on vacation for 10 days. Come home, boot up PC, and my free trial is expiring in 9 days- wasn’t expecting that. So, alright, go to the website, try to have my original license key sent to the email I registered it on, years ago. Said email never arrives, despite trying over a period of 3 days. On the 3rd day, I figure I’ll try to register a secondary email instead. I do so, and almost immediately THAT email address receives the license key (eM still never sends anything to the original address I registered many years ago, I’ve no clue on which end the blockage is on that). Pop-up notice in the bottom right of my screen: ‘eM Client license detected, would you like to apply it?’ I click ‘Yes’, and eM Client crashes. Okay… I restart eM Client, get the ‘free trial about to expire’ notice, so the license wasn’t applied. I go into settings, copy/paste the license key from the email that was sent to me, and… eM Client crashes again. I cannot apply the license. I’ve tried sending information in the crash logs to eM over the past few days, but have received no response.

I am out of ideas on how to get eM registered again, and I only have a day or two before this completely unexpected free trial that I shouldn’t have had in the first place expires. Anyone have any ideas?