Multiple Issues and no support

Oh do you mean the important marker?  While this is documented in this forum, it seems as if success is a bit sketchy.  Just going in to gmail settings and checking “No markers” will not do it.  That just keeps them form displaying in gmail.  This link talks about it (see my post about 2/3 of the way down).  I haven’t tried this, but it should work.

Also, what about column groupings by date?  You OK on that?  Here is a screenshot of it:

This stupid dot lol. 

I always sort columns by the header, based on what I’m doing/looking for.

Thanks again for all your help but I FREAKING HATE THIS NEW UPDATE WITH A PASSION. It has been giving me all kinds of issues today and locking up/not starting, etc… on top of everything else. Ugh!

I am going to go back to 6 ASAP!

You do realize that stupid dot is the new message indicator?

And I love it. Sorry Realmart.

eM Client developers: when “fixing” things, please don’t remove the indicator.

A new message comes in unread. THAT is the new message indicator, dont need a dot also. Its just annoying to me. 

Note–And have settings to not mark as Read unless I reply or forward, or mark as Read, so I always know it is a new message :slight_smile:

OH and another FUN issue - some emails never even come in to the client!! And some show up much later. I have opened gmail on the web and seen emails that never even downloaded to the EM client. NOT GOOD!!!

went back to 6 this weekend. SO HAPPY!! 
hope if they update the software again it’s better than 7! Its like windows 8–a horrible attempt at an upgrade! (And my associates that have used it hate 7 too!)