Multiple Issues and no support

Your new software is HORRIBLE!!! Multiple issues! Main ones are-

Where are the arrows showing if an email was replied to or forwarded??

How do you keep EVERY email that comes in from being marked with “Important” category? I have read other peoples issues and NONE of the current ‘fixes’ are fixes. This is BS.

I cant remove all the categories YOU assigned for all my folders so I have to scroll WAY down to find/use the categories I want to use. HORRIBLE - I use MY labels to sort work and what you added is just a mess! How can this be updated/removed?

Why are emails not separated by day/date as they used to?

OK, relax and take a deep breath…

1.  The arrows are no longer there because of the default conversation mode.  You will notice that it groups conversations together on one line in the message list.  Because of this, the arrows would be meaningless since you would not know to which message the reply relates to.  There are two ways of dealing with is-- a) go to menu/tools/settings/mail/read and select “Show conversations in message detail only”.  This will show each mail individually in the message list, but will still group the messages by conversation in the reading pane or  b) you can check “Disable conversations” and all will appear as they did in v. 6.

2.  You are obviously using gmail.  The important flag is placed there by gmail.  eM Client just accepts it, but does NOT place it there.  There are discussions in this forum on how to disable this in gmail.

3.  Not really sure about categories eM Client assigned, unless you are talking about the default categories (e.g., red, blue, etc.).  While you can’t delete these, you can rename them.  Also, if you go to menu/tools/categories you can change the order of the categories so your categories appear before the default ones.

4.  For date sorting, right-click at the top of the message list column and make sure “Show messages in groups” is selected and the sort is by “Received”.

Thanks–but I am an intelligent person :slight_smile: and I already tried all kinds of things and these are not solutions.
I delayed upgrading this software, as I figured it would be worse, and sure enough, I wish I never did!!

  1. I already disabled conversations last week and it still does not show the sent/fwd arrows.

  2. I already checked this on gmail last week, already set for no markers/not important. ALL emails still come in the same.

  3. No, the categories that emclient is adding are NOT even listed in the tools where you can update or remove! Only the ones that I am using personally are there.

  4. That is not what I am talking about - emclient used to have a bar across the window with the messages in the inbox - like Outook - separating emails by dates/weeks.

Well, what can I say.  Everything I described works as I stated.

1.  Verified - it does show arrows
2.  I have not done this, but it is documented in the forum.  Not sure why you can’t just ignore a yellow marker.
3.  Never seen this, don’t really believe it.  You do understand (since you are intelligent:-)), that gmail does not have folders, just “All Mail” with markers that create virtual folders.  If you look in All Mail, you will see what appears to be categories, but are actually virtual folder markers.
4.  It does and verified on my system.

Are you on a latest release?

BTW, I use gmail as well.

I need help not attitude or wasting more time explaining again and again what does not work. I appreciate someone trying to help, but not arguing what is NOT working. 6 worked much better than 7.
It was JUST updated last week, so it should be the latest update. If not then that is another emclient issue!

1-does not show arrows and not in conversation mode as stated.
2-because I use categories (NOT markers-I removed THAT column from view) and dont need everything marked ‘important’.
3-I have used gmail since its inception; I have used emclient for over a year/year and a half, these were not issues in version 6.
4-it does not-they are all just listed by date received in that column, but there are NOT separators for different days and weeks etc. as outlook has and as this had before.

How about someone tell me how to remove this crappy update and go back to 6?!?! I tried but it said my database was already updated to 7 and wouldn’t let me go back. :( 

Sorry about the attitude, but yours was not so good either.  The fact is these things DO work and you categorically saying these “are not solutions” is wrong and essentially questioning my integrity.  I have no reason to lie, I am just a user trying to help.  Why would they work for me and not for you?  Especially since we are both using gmail.  It’s not logical.

Luckily for you, the upgrade to 7 does not destroy your v. 6 database, it just creates a new one in the new format.  Uninstall version 7 and reinstall version 6.  When you reinstall 6, all should come back as it was before.

I have found that when upgrading to new software, my immediate response may be “I don’t like it” and I want to go back.  However, I have discovered that as I use these new things more I actually find that they are fine and in most cases, better.

Thanks and I never said you were lying. Maybe yours works different with another version of windows or mac, I dont know… but believe me I have no reason to lie or waste time either.

But as per my last response, I DID uninstall 7 and when I went to install 6 it said that my database was already updated to 7 and COULD NOT go back to an older version, and it only gave the option to re-update to 7.

So far, and from other peoples complaints, I’m not the only one with issues that are not being resolved (like the “important” category) etc.

That’s very strange.  Many people have successfully downgraded to 6.  Did you by chance move the version 6 database?  It looks specifically in one place for it-- c:\users[user_name]\AppData\Em Client.  If it database been moved from this location, it will not find it.

Nope I didn’t move anything. Just installed 7 from the pop-up about upgrading. Then after having many issues, I went to control panel on the pc and removed 7. Tried to reinstall 6 and got that message.

Well, all is not lost.  You can wipe out (better yet, rename) the directory is mentioned in my above post and reinstall version 6.  It will create a new database, but that’s OK since you will sync the gmail accounts with IMAP.

Note also that I remove the important category marker and it comes back on many emails! ugh!! 

I will see about trying that this weekend. I can not take a possible hit to my database/client etc during the week.

Thank you again for your responses.

If only the company would support and answer these issues… they have been NO help. :frowning:

Regarding the arrows. I just moved from POP to IMAP, and noticed that the replied and forwarded arrows disappeared after moving the emails from local folders to IMAP. I seem to remember this happening in other email clients when moving messages around. Maybe not an eM Client problem. However, all replies since then have retained their arrows.

And I also suddenly got everything appearing as important. Changed the settings in gmail (both no markers, and don’t use my past actions) and all new emails are no longer being marked.

Thanks, I just changed the do not use past actions, and the next email that came is still marked important…

Still no arrows here either. :( 

Thank you for your comment!

I hope to go back to version 6 soon…

Realmart-- A longshot-- is it possible you have changed the theme and the arrows are not showing as they blend in with the background?

Nope. Not changed. Interesting I see a flag in that same column on your pic. I have flags column showing but no arrows there either. It used to be right on the From field. 

Ahhh, go to menu/view/columns and make sure “Icon” is added and move it to first position.

Ahh ok - how stupid of them to separate that out - and then how to you get rid of the stupid dot marker?? (which is why that column was removed).

Not sure what you mean by dot marker.  Can you supply a screenshot?