multiple inboxes for one account


I was using emClient some time ago but went back to the webclient of GMail. Now I want to give it a second try.

One point, that I am really missing in emClient is the possibility to have multiple Inboxes like I have in GMail. Meaning for example one general inbox, one for forum mails, one for advertisement mails and so on. In GMail I get some kind of pre-selection of my mails in this way, what really helps to keep the focus on the important things.

I know, that I could configure some rules in emClient, to move mails to folders once they arrive, but these would be “true” folders, like all the others, were mails are long term stored.
I would like to have subfolders of the inbox for pre-selection, and the normal folder structure I am using at the moment for long term storage.

Is there a way to do this? Or is this function unfortunately still missing? 

Hi Julian,

Please don’t compare webmail - especially Gmail-  with any email client, including eM Client.

Gmail’s structure is based on Labels which don’t necessarily “translate” to an email client’s file and folder structure.

Gmail doesn’t really have multiple Inboxes and apart from that ,they are pre-determined,which 
are limited and  may- or may not-  suit everybody.
(I suggested to Gmail to allow user created categories, which was not responded to)

So instead I continued using the same method (for an email client) that I’ve used for 20 years…
which is to create subfolders under Inbox and name my own “categories” and receive the mail
there , based on created rules.

You already allude to the same method 
" I know, that I could configure some rules in emClient, to move mails to folders once they arrive,…" 

Don’t stare yourself blind on the fact they are “true” folders…which means - Don’t keep comparing
Gmail with an email client…Almost everything in Gmail is based on Labels, which doesn’t jibe
with the file and folder structure of an email program…

When you set this up in eM Client, your created folders will be like your tabs in Gmail,
except customized to your liking… You click the  folder like you click the tabs…

Just a suggestion…

Peter E.

Unfortunately GMail does not offer these social tabs to IMAP clients, so the client application cannot reproduce them. One workaround is to create a filter in GMail to automatically assign labels to those categories/tabs, and they will then appear as folders in eM Client.

Hi Gary, 

Those categories/tabs are already labels.
Apart from that , Gmail’s socalled filtering  isn’t that accurate in my experience.
E.g. mail from this forum will often appear (for me) under Promotions or Updates, instead of Forums.Corrections didn’t help.
I won’t even report this to Google - They do what they want…

With "my method " -such as it is - I can create categories by any name I like
and the (my) rules in eM Client do the filtering, which is far more accurate.

For my money I’ll stick with my tried and true method.
More than 20 years doing this -is good enough for me.

But to each his own…

The power of Google is already sorting into social tabs, so it does not make much sense to undo that and then try and duplicate it in an application that can’t do the same job. Sure you can use Rules, but those are static and cannot adapt and learn like the Google engine can.

The social tabs in GMail are actually categories and not labels. Google does make a distinction. You can create a filter in GMail to detect e.g. category:Promotions and assign a label to that. Once the label is in place, the client will interpret that as a folder. It is only done once for each tab, whereas if you go the Rule route, you have to continually add new addresses to the Rule to keep it moving new sources into your created folders.

Hi  Gary,

Thanks for your  reponse.
You interpret it as you want, but I dont see a particular “power of Google” when it constantly misinterprets the mail and places it under the wrong category/tab
Also the choice of categories is limited.

To me, the category tabs are nothing more than labels/tags but on a wider scale.

Anyway, you’re certainly entitled to your opinion.

For me, due to Gmaill’s errant behaviour and lack of category choice,
I’l stick with my method.

But again - To Each his own.

I also wrote that this was my suggestion  -  and force it upon nobody…

You can debate the accuracy of Google all you want, but the answer to the OP’s question is to use a filter in GMail to assign a label to a category. That way the “multiple Inboxes” will be available in eM Client.

Fine with me  :slight_smile:

Dear Digger, dear Gary,

thanks for the replies.

Regarding what you said Digger:
From my experience, the Google algorithm is super powerful and also adaptive. I never had the problem, that there is significant amount of misinterpretations. When I move a mail to a category, google always adapted to this and sorted newer mails from this sender or board or whatever correctly. Perhaps you have simply not tried it for a long time?
From my experience, one can quite clearly translate the labels from google to folders, depending on how one uses them. I mean the labels from GMail are displayed in emClient as folders. And in my eyes, the only real difference is, that one can assign multiple labels to one email in gmail. But of one uses the labels as they were folders, they basically are.

Coming to you solution Gary:
On the one side, it is a very cool idea to do it in this way, since you will still use the sorting of gmail. But you end up with a situation that I explained to not want. Just an example:
You would have the general inbox and a folder for social networks and one for notifications. But these two additional folders would be equivalent to normal folders used for sorting the emails for long term storage like friends, family, work and so on.
I don’t want to have the folders for the pre-sorted inbox in the same list as the normal folders.

I guess I will stick to the webmail of gmail. But thanks for your ideas!

Hi Julian,

Thanks for your response and kind words.
I didn’t have much time to respond earlier, but found some time later to experiment
with the test  setup below

The mail arrives in those folders.
Do you think you could live with that?

Yes, that is what you get when you use the category to label filter as I explained. And all the processing is done on the server, so whatever email client you are using, it will be there.