Multiple folders

Could somebody help me and tell me what to do?
In one of my mail accounts there are many folders autocreated:

  1. Envoyés (Sent) - is the “normal” folder
  2. Envoyés (Sent)
  3. Envoyés (Sent)
  4. Sent

On the server I moved all the mails of the folder 2) to the folder 1).
They are all there.

But on eMClient on my computer, the mails are in the folder 3
In the dialog box of the account I desactivated “receive automatically all special folders”, but nothing changed.
On the server, the “normal” folder 1) Envoyés has an other name (Messages envoyés).
I wait for your help, because I’m afraid to do somethong wrong if I delete some folders.

(I have also two Trash folders, Spam, Junk, but this is not a problem) :slight_smile: