Multiple exails in trash from

I have just found multiple emails in my trash folder purporting to come from ‘’ to ‘undisclosed recipients’  - does anyone know what they are, where they have come from, or how to get rid of them.  They do not go away when I empty my trash, and cannot be deleted.

You’re not alone, I’m seeing this too.

Also, the emails are not in the trash folder on gmail when I log in there. Only on the computer.

Windows 8.1 64 bit

Hi, what version of eM Client are you currently using on your computer, can you please check for the exact version number in Help > About? What mail service are you using with eM Client?

You should be able to remove the message by using Shift+Delete.

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Hi Paul, It’s version 6.0.204980 and this is connected to a personal Gmail account (not Google Apps)

And today, the messages are gone. It appears to have cleared itself up. Weird. This is what it looked like a couple days ago for what it’s worth…

I have found these emails in my inbox twice this week.  I get only one such email at a time.  I was finally able to delete the first message by repeatedly clicking delete (at least, I kept clicking delete, and the message finally went away.)  The second message so far has not been deleted even using “shift-delete.” 
The message purports to come from “Default” account, whatever that is.  I cannot see the header or the mail source.
Does anyone know the source of these messages, or whether they are harmful?
Some metrics:
Windows 7
eMClient version 6.0.21372.0

Hi Susan, are you using the global inbox, what kind of account do you currently have setup in eM Client? Are you using a gmail account as well? Are you constantly receiving these messages without the ability to delete the message? Have you used the import feature in eM Client?

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In my case they are in my inbox, but are listed as being in AllEnabeledItems, whatever that is. They cannot be deleted nor labeled as Junk. Scary.

I am also seeing these messages in my inbox.  They show up randomly.  Have a date of 01/01/01.
They are addressed to “undisclosed recipient”.

No I can no delete them. 

Yes, I am using the Global inbox.

After a long absence, this phenomenon has recurred for me as well. When my own question is "What the F is this, " I look to this forum to read answers. Shift-Delete helped me to get rid of the unwanted emails, but no one has yet told us what is the source of the problem. 

rockyjocket - you are doing better than me.  I can’t delete them.  Eventually they magically disappear.  And yes, when they first started happening I had that same “What the…” feeling.  I was worried it was a spammer.

I often log into my computer remotely via RDP, over a heavily-used connection.  In that circumstance, I can often see each individual screen-repaint that a program performs.  And I’ve noticed that for eM client, deleting an email is a two-step process:  First the message is replaced with “”, and then it’s removed entirely.  (You’d never notice this in normal use, though, it happens too fast).

So these “dummy” emails you’re seeing are likely messages that were in the process of being deleted, and for some reason the operation stalled half way through, leaving eM client’s default “halfway deleted” message entry behind.

I couldn’t begin to guess why the delete operation doesn’t complete, but I can tell you that they’re an artifact of eM client’s internal workings, and definitely not spam, or even real emails.