Multiple emails and attachments being sent

I have been trying out EM Client Version 7 for the past couple of weeks on my computer as well as my wifes computer both Windows 10.

Three times now the client has decided on both computers at different times to send multiple copies of the same email with the attachment to the receiver based on the send receive time on the client. In other words automatically check email = automatically resend email with attachment.

In one case the client did it over 50 times before it was noticed.

The only way to stop it from happening is to uninstall the program and delete all of the info in Roaming/User/app data/emclient.

Reinstalling the program makes everything ok for a few days or a week.

To be 100% sure that it is not a virus etc. I reinstalled WIN 10 from scratch and just installed EMClient. Three days later, it did it again.

was there an answer to the problem.

You can stop the e-mail with attachment from being sent, by moving it manually to a ‘sent’ items folder.

this happens a lot when internet is slow …

is emClient not waiting long enough perhaps before timing out?

I don’t have this problem, but would be interested to know with which email provider is this happening, and how big are the attachments?

It’s happening only when there are attachments, which can be anywhere from a few hundred K to close to 10 MB. emClient just keeps sending copies, although some of them are good at the recipient’s end.

We are using our own email server (standard Plesk VPS).

I vaguely remember a case some time back where the server was not correctly closing the connection, so the client was resending the message again and again. I don’t find it on this forum so it might have been Thunderbird.

Hopefully, someone might have had a similar experience with the same server you are using, and can comment. In the mean time, it probably would be quicker for you to open a support ticket with eM Client. who should be able to assist you further.

Since we are using TLS i think that there would be a retry if packets went missing (that’s mainly why i use TLS), so most likely it’s a timeout problem and emClient doesn’t wait long enough. Just a guess.

This is clearly related to a slow ISP but it would probably be more trouble than it’s worth to track down.

I guess it is up to you, but if it is an issue with eM Client, then opening a support ticket would result in it being fixed. 

Did you try another SMTP port and see if there is any difference?

Port 587 = Force usage of SSL/TLS
Port 25 = Use SSL/TLS if available
Port 465 = Use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy)

I just don’t have time right now to get involved in a support ticket.

have changed it from port 25 to 587 just for good measure, since using force TLS

thanks for your help